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Things to share

Things to share
Progress on my notion to coda migration for this page
https://gshen7.notion.site/Gary-Shen-486a836e6add478f83d45ea92c7d1e2d?pvs=4 Leftovers thought journal personal knowledge base consumption tracking podcasts shows/movies
Tactical things everyone should do
Use a password manager and 2fa as much as possible Breath through your nose not your mouth Have some sort of financial tracking and invest Write manually Exercise intensely once per week, so intense you can’t think about anything else, so intense it’s meditative, so intense you’re forced to live in the moment Physical reminders of what zone you’re in, especially at work (ex. lamp on = deep work) Physical reminders in general (post it notes on doors, in shoes, on keys)
Mindsets I think everyone should take on
Comparing with others is useless Who you work with really matters
Personal rituals
Thought triage - Reliving books and other reflections Photo triage - Reliving moments Finances - Reliving spend Travel - mostly by clustering attractions and walking around clusters - https://walkingtheworld.substack.com/p/why-i-walk-part-1
Bite sized tips
When the flight meal includes a bun with butter, put the butter on the hot food so it melts it a little bit
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