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San Mateo

Plants pictured

Sammy - Snake plant
Polly - Alocasia amazonica polly
Sully and Mike - Monstera deliciosa
Boo - Rhaphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera (I think)
Cory and Petey - Avocado trees
Charlie - Spider plant in a shell
Dotty and Spotty - Begonia maculata
Moody - Alephandra squarrosa zebra plant
Addy - monstera adansonii
Dracaena cintho
Zombie fycus lyrata fiddle leaf fig leaf
Guiana chestnut money tree
Variegated monstera standleyana
Zombie fycus lyrata fiddle leaf fig leaf
Philodendran micans
golden pothos
marble pothos
Bromeliaceae guzmania
Alocasia reginula black velvet
Caladium candidum
tradescantia sillamontana white velvet
Fycus lyrata fiddle leaf fig
Alocasia taro elephant ear (I think)
Bella palm
Some fern
Plant sitting - birds of paradise, rubber tree fig, prayer plant



To acquire [pausing new plants rn, a little overwhelmed]

Textured michael b jordan plant - Microsorum scolopendria
air bubble plants - clidemia hirta, anthurium luxurium
On the wall - staghorn fern
hayes valley plant store for 35
round leaf plants - hydrocotyle verticillatica
cool leaf shape - philodendron florida beauty
fenestretions but within leaves - monstera adonsoni, monstera obliqua
hayes valley plant store has a bunch, probably 15
Round and rippled leaves - licuala, Calathea
Rubber tree fig thing
Bird of paradise plant
Dioon edule
schefflera plants
Dracena reflexa
dracena marginata

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