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Zero complex
decor good and bright and big windows
food included two things which made me make audible noises, one of which was an amazing blend of flavors that were put together in a way that I hadn’t ever had before but I immediately knew I liked it, idk how to even describe (it was grilled calamari and an egg on potatoes in a spinach based sauce)
La Caravella
Breadsticks mind blowing
Best sushi I’ve had
Deconstructed gimbap was a mix of a bunch of flavors I really like
Monkey Bar
Great ambience, good steak
Mama’s Fish House
Best soup I’ve had
Mix of papaya and beef was really good
San ho wan
Filling korean food, all good, good tea
Meat quality amazing
not even really fine dining but just good meat
Bread was crazy good
Chowder was unique
Above average other dishes
Empress by boon
Above average cantonese
Best rice temperature I’ve had with sushi
Tachi standup
fast paced omakase
Omakase sf
especially good white fish sushi
Oma SF Station
good fish dish
sushi was pretty meh, nothing stood out except lots of wasabi
ginger was good, rice was good temp
interesting vibe
Moko NY
Omakase, nothing special
Omakase, nothing special
Gao viet
does fatty pork belly in a way that makes it not feel too fatty
but then also does crispy rice in a way that makes it feel greasy in a good way
Merriman’s Kapalua
Good view
Food was nothing special
Quite formal vibes
State Bird Provisions
meh, nothing special
pancakes were good
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