Stuff I like


Dining area
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Living area
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Bedroom area
Chores to do
plant snake plant propagation?
pot poppy seeds when grown
Try snipping one of the zebra stems to propagate and branch
snip/popagate leggy pothos and philodendron micans
propagate/branch by beheading? fiddle leaf fig, money tree
make orchid bloom?
To acquire [pausing new plants rn, a little overwhelmed]
Textured michael b jordan plant - Microsorum scolopendria
air bubble plants - clidemia hirta, anthurium luxurium
On the wall - staghorn fern
hayes valley plant store for 35
round leaf plants - Chinese money plant pilea peperomioides, hydrocotyle verticillatica
hayes valley plant store has a bunch, probably 15
cool leaf shape - philodendron florida beauty
fenestretions but within leaves - monstera adonsoni, monstera obliqua
hayes valley plant store has a bunch, probably 15
Round and rippled leaves - licuala, Calathea
Rubber tree fig thing
Bird of paradise plant
Dioon edule
schefflera plants
Dracena reflexa
dracena marginata
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